We all need a place to just be.
Yoga provides a space to reflect, learn and grow.
Through the practice of yoga, we can thrive in every aspect of our lives on and off the mat.
You are invited to my classes, trainings and retreats to develop greater self-knowledge and a deep sense of physical and spiritual well-being.
Strength. Presence. Joy.


Practice yoga in a warm, welcoming environment. Classes blend elements of asana, pranayama, concentration, meditation and philosophy. As a result of practice, students enjoy increased resilience, improved strength of mind and body and the ability to weather life’s inevitable storms with more ease.

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Contemplate. Discover. Grow.


Take time for yourself and dive deeper into the teachings of yoga through available workshops, trainings, and retreats. Explore an area of interest in a workshop; learn to become a yoga instructor; or retreat into practice.

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Connection. Inclusiveness. Open-heartedness.


Find encouragement, motivation and insights to support you on your path. Our blog posts and inspirations offer ideas, stories and thought provoking quotes to encourage learning and discovery.

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Blog Posts and Inspiration

Barb W.

Jen Campbell Munn is a charismatic, passionate, and inspiring yoga teacher. Over the past three years, Jen has encouraged me to add to my practice and, while always reminding us that our practice is ours alone, she asks us to challenge ourselves so that we grow. We always leave class feeling uplifted, happy and part of a community.