Private Yoga Sessions

I offer private sessions on request. Private sessions provide the ideal atmosphere to explore your particular goals and challenges in the environment that works best for you. Sessions are tailored specifically for you, and shift as your practice grows and your needs change.

Private sessions last 60 minutes and can be done at your home or in a studio environment. They can be scheduled individually or as a series. Private lessons are for everyone, regardless of age or experience.

Private sessions are ideal for you if:

  • You are a beginner who would like a basic level of understanding and comfort before attending a group class.
  • You are working with an injury that prevents you from comfortably joining a group class.
  •  You wish to enhance your understanding of yoga or some aspect of your practice.
  • Your life is full and you are unable to make it to a group class.
  • You'd like a deeper understanding of certain poses or to help find greater comfort in the poses.

Interested in Private Sessions?

Peg J.

I have been practicing with Jen for a few years. Her yoga practices are both challenging and enjoyable. She motivates me to push to my edge but cautions against going beyond. Her classes are thorough and thoughtful. Her cueing is so effective and compelling that I don’t need to see her to understand what needs to be done. Practicing with Jen has taught me to listen better – to her cues, and to the needs of my own body. The more I practice and learn about yoga, the more I appreciate Jen and the yoga she teaches.