Online Classes

Not able to join us in class or travelling for work? I am happy to provide online classes that make it easy for everyone to participate. These classes were recorded while teaching at Simon Says Yoga. As they are live classes, there are moments of instruction that were directed specifically towards students in class. Keep listening! The class flow will continue and practice is the key.

My intention is to release 2-3 new classes each month. My hope is that this becomes an ideal way to practice yoga on your own while still benefitting from instruction. Namaste.

Strong Back, Soft Front, Open Heart practice.  80 minutes, all levels practice.

Props:  a bolster or rolled up bath towel, and 1-2 blocks.


This moderately-paced 80 minute yoga practice is for those days when you need some encouragement–both to get moving and to find your sweet heart center. While the practice is focused on more heart-opening postures, we also pose the question–how can I continue to open my heart to my life, just as it is.

Outer Alignment, Inner Clarity.  60 minutes, all levels practice.

Props:  2 blocks a space at the wall to use.


This sweet, steady flow builds, emphasizing lower body alignment, strength and flexibility.  The intention of our emphasis on alignment in practice is not only to help us physically, but to align us energetically inward.  When we listen and orient inward, we can then align with what is most important, and what we care most deeply about.

30 Minute Energetic Flow.  All levels practice.

Props:  perhaps 2 blocks or needed support for comfortable sitting

Maybe you’ve just come back from a walk with a friend, and only have a little while to practice.  This one is for you.  It’s not intended to be a wake up practice, but one that can get you flowing for the rest of your day, or those times when you’re a little short on time.


Celebrating Strength. 75 minute class. Level 1/2.

Props:  foam block, props needed to sit comfortably for a few minutes

Spring is arriving and the buds are coming up.  There is an incredible strength in these little buds, as they clearly push their way up into the world.  We are also like this, our strength often much greater than we know.  When we learn to rely on the organic strength within us, rather than pushing or convincing, we understand real strength.  One that comes from a place of real clarity and deep personal honesty, whether on the mat or in our life.

This practice is a strong one, lots of plank work, core work and more.

May we all know our deep reserves of strength.

30 Minute Wake-up Practice

Props:  props needed to sit comfortably for a few minutes

This 30-minute practice is for those mornings, (maybe every morning) when you want to wake up and practice.  Roll out of bed, do your business, brush your teeth and get on your mat.

Ground and prepare yourself for your day ahead.

60 Minute Parayoga Yoga Nidra Practice

Props needed: yoga mat, a blanket to cover you if you get cold, and perhaps padding behind the head

This 60-minute practice opens with 25 minutes of gentle, warming movement intended to awaken all parts of the body. From this more alert state, we lie down for the Nidra practice.

This practice is intended as a healing modality–one which provides us the experience of deeply relaxing while staying subtly alert.

We Were Made for These Times. 75 minute class. Level 1/2.

Props: 2 blocks recommended

As I write this after teaching this morning, the country and the world feels as though the pace of change has increased dramatically. Some feel overwhelmed; some want to bury their heads in good tv. Instead, we can continue to use this practice to remember that we are the light. Each of us. We must remind one another of our strength, hope, and solidarity.

This practice starts with a simple pranayama practice and moves steadily into twists and side bends.

May this practice remind you of your own light and strength.

Evenness. 60 minutes. Level 1/2.

Props needed: 2 blocks

This practice helps us discover what is at the core of the yoga practice–uncovering a compassionate, grounded, calm and abiding sense of self. This self is said to always be present. As we quiver and shake our way through practice and at the same time stay present, we are getting to know this deep and long lasting self that can carry us off the mat as well. This is a flowing practice, with some emphasis on the hips.

Nourishment. 75 minutes. Level 1/2.

Props needed: A wall and 2 blocks

This practice asks us to contemplate the idea of nourishment. How do we chose to nourish ourselves in this practice, rather than striving or depleting ourselves? How do we fully embrace ourselves and willingly allow all that we are into practice?

This is a slowly-building, heat-producing practice with an emphasis on standing poses. It leaves room, and in fact asks, the practitioner to make active choices about resting, opting in and opting out.

Elisabeth S.

What is so special about Jen’s yoga class is that she creates a space that allows me to have the experience of a mini retreat. Each time I feel that I am going in a sacred space that is peaceful inside of me. I just love it!