Hokusai Says

Hokusai says look carefully. He says pay attention, notice. He says keep looking, stay curious. Hokusai says says there is no end to seeing He says look forward to getting old. He says keep [...]


Dear Body

A few years ago, I cut this short column out of the Washington Post. It was titled “Dear Body: A Love Letter”. I taped it up on our fridge, in the hopes that my children might see, and even read [...]


What Now?

For many of us, these last few weeks since the election have not been easy ones. The (surprising) election results were shocking, horrifying and so very hard to understand and take in. And the [...]


Breathing Out

Yoga practice offers us such a perfect gift--time to truly be with our breath. As we move through asanas, our breath is there, riding the balance between breathing in and breathing out. Most [...]